I am a firm believer that if you are putting yourself out there on the internet along with all the other zeros and ones you own it. It being whatever you are putting out there.

Take for instance I did a drawing for awesome stuff a few years ago and you know what someone WON It ! I was so happy to be validated that someone actually one) read my blog two) sent me a comment to let me know I am validated while giving away prizes:) 

If you can stand behind what you type, promote, sell, listen to then you are valid. You do not need 1000 retweets or a great social position with a picture application.  What little bit or big space you carve out for yourself on the internet its yours. 

You just need to stand up for it. 

Take for instance, I reguarally read other blogs and by the time I am disappointed by a position or post by another blogger I realize …”Hey, that is them. Not me!” While I promptly want to express to the “writer” that they are wrong about Fracking anything I know that there is the right to post what they want. 

Its the first amendment, Freedom of Speech deal. So while I may go on a job hunt I can’t shame someone for asking their readers to “Ask Mom about Babies” because I would hope that blogger would respect my right to cast a wide net of job opportunity on my piece of the internet.

So pimp out your blog post, share the trival questions and by all means show a little respect for your space because you are there…in that space its all yours. 

Big Hero 6 New York Comic Con Sizzle

Why You Should Read My Books


Why You Should Read My Books

I was going to say, Why shouldn’t you read my books!?

Here are the most important reasons why you should buy, read and review my books. (Read this post before you give up on it).

  • I might be a very bad writer. I need your input. Be kind.
  • I might be a mediocre writer and need to find something else to do. Please be kind.
  • I’m not rich. I really wonder where my next meal comes from. Maybe I’m wasting…

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By now you should know I blog because I want to blog. I have no illlusions of blogging for Colin Kaepernick wearing a great new product and getting paid to do it..both of us. I do blog about what i want to blog about. 

When the invitation to go to a motion picture premiere fell into my in box I was gleeful, not just because movie ticket prices are nearly $20 and they don’t serve you wine at your seat but because I really did like the movie to come to theaters. 

Then I get the email reply “Which Media Outlet do you work for?” I didn’t exactly state my intentions but I was positively vague “Blog”, I confidently replied.

Of course day of the event I get another inquiry “We need to know the Media Sponsored outlet you are reviewing for ” arrived in my inbox. 

This is where I realized the gig was up because first off I am not a Media Outlet and secondly I was being greedy so I fessed up the absolute truth. 

"I don’t do day of events, I got plans, I will review the film later when I see the movie in theaters later this month" I confidently replied while holding my pinky finger up. 

There my rejection from being rejected was a complete circle and I probably will not get invited to any more movie shows but, it does serve as a reminder of why I am doing what I am doing (hint : because I want to and don’t need approval to do it ) .

Case in point, I happen to know a very successful writer of two books whom can be heartbroken by anonymous negative posts that will drag down her ratings and apparently her will to write.  I can not imagine that being so severe because in the end the person you write for is yourself, right? 

Yes, the pain of being rejected is real and can make us hesitatant to try new things. Maybe because I have the experience of my credit card being declined so much that I have a little thicker skin that when my dear author friend tells me about her rejection I deflect it away like Captain America’s Vibranium Shield and tell her to keep writing anyway. 

The fact is your blog, book, tweets are prime real estate that advertisers and marketing people want to utilize. While you may tweet about the great event or post a blog about nonprofits in need and even write a book about what to do in a Zombie attack there is going to be a time when hearing /reading the word No is going to happen. Acknowledge the rejection but then try again because you are good enough.

Going to the airport ?

Zombie Attack will happen at the Airport

Due to my recent travels ( editorial note : she has taken two flights this year ) I have come to the conclusion due to the massive somewhat copious amounts of coffee outlets in transit terminals the Zombie Attack will originate in an Airport Terminal.

My personal bet is O’Hara International but something tells me Atlanta is probably the hot spot just because of the massive clustercrap that happened when Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. No matter what I am pretty confident that an Airport Terminal is where you will find the Zombies landing and eating people’s brains.

I know how to fight them because I got handbook after handbook  but the most important thing is to recognize what is and is not a zombie. Thus you need a book with graphic diagrams and pictures because you don’t want to accidentally shoot your Aunt Mae who is wearing too much rouge that day of the Zombies decide to attack.

Yes, I said the Zombies are cognitive enough to decide to attack living humans because when you spend a lot of time waiting for a plane in an airport you realize that upon turning into a zombie the person becomes aware during the change from everyday mortal flesh and bones to carnivorous, brain craving zombies they sit there for a minute upon realizing that they are now zombies. Then it starts, the burning desire for sustenance and they look around and other zombies don’t have that fresh, brains like you do as you walk aimlessly looking for a Starbucks because you know that since the Zombies are now alive you are going to need some caffeine preferably with whipped cream. The now new zombie has now gotten a whiff of your fresh brain because you are thinking about caffeine which is making your heart palpitate a little more and your sweat starting which makes you look like a moist chicken breast walking around to the now ravenous zombie.

So, yes I think the first Zombie Attack will happen at an Airport.

Unless of course you happen to be at a Zoo.

Check out this book

A graphic novel that attempts to address the dark and humorous side of zombies. Colorful cartoon drawings follow text that asks a multitude of questions as well as helpful tips. What happens if you suspect your in-laws are infected with the zombie virus? Where is the best place to hide? And is it always necessary to stand your ground and fight? If a zombie enthusiast isn’t ready to plow through a lot of reading and heavy study,

writing about holidays

As Yom Kipper starts I find myself actually going to travel later today. Then I remember courtesy of the repeated advertisements that Columbus Day is coming. Of course, I can not forget Boss’ Day on October 16th. 

What? You just thought it was Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas well I am sorry to tell you but almost every freaking other day for the next 88 days maybe a holiday. 

Yes, you need to aware of every one of them which is impossible because I think Hallmark made up a few of the reported holidays. 

Why? Because those are the most EASIEST posts ever! Sincerely, who knows what a day of atonement is without a reference to at least a dozen other related holidays and rememberances. Did you know that in Sweden Sundays are “official holidays" but not as important as the Main holidays yet the celebration of Saint Lucia is not a public holiday so people work on that day.

Did you know that in South Africa there are several holidays instituted in 1995 just 20 years ago ? In France 2005, the Prime Minister removed a holiday that was overrulled by the french courts in 2008, its for 50 days after the Pentecost. 

I could go on but you can choose the holidays to celebrate and inform and share because you don’t have to pick a day…you can do a whole MONTH of holiday celebration and it doesn’t have to be your birthday!

The mere fact is that if you are having a hard time comprehending the blog posts about a holiday trust me the best holiday is the ones you celebrate. 

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